Terms and Pricing

On-site finishes are priced by surface square footage on a per job basis, averaging $4 - $7 per square foot and up depending on the following criteria:

1.  Time needed to complete the project
2.  Technique and amount of applications needed
3.  Area/Square footage of the project
4.  Cost of materials and Supplies
5.  Accessibility of project

Initial consultations are $50 and include design, finish and color consultation, measuring, and estimating the price of the job. ( The consultation fee paid is deducted from the estimate.)

After the consultation, the estimate and the approximate time to complete the project compiled and e-maild/faxed to the client. (A separate price for travel fees, if applicable, will be included. ) This lump-sum proposal includes the price for the design, materials, labor, equipment, and up to three sample boards. (Additional samples are $10 each.)

A 50% down-payment of the price, 100% of travel fees (if applicable) and a sign-off of a sample are required to start the project. The balance will be due upon completion.